Bring the whole family for a day of fun, tweed and bicycles!


What is a Tweed Ride?


Join us for Saskatoon Second Annual Tweed Ride: a group bicycle ride around the centre of Saskatoon, in the spirit of the 1900’s. Cyclists are encouraged to dress in turn of the century cycling fashion, specificly Tweed! Any and all style of bicycle is invited and we hope to see some lovely vintage or modern creative rides!

Tally Ho & Sally Forth

This years ride will begin at the Mendel Art Gallery at 11am and ends at 12pm in Bessborough Gardens for the picnic & high tea. Come early to register and get your limited number armbands!

Prizes & Games

Calling all Dapper Gents and Dashing Ladies! Dress in your finest to win prizes from some amazing Saskatoon business. And don’t forget to take part in the fun games.

Tea & Picnic

After the ride, join us for High Tea from Little Bird. To stay eco-friendly, we encourage everyone to bring their own Tea Cup and BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic).

2013 Tweed Ride


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Penny farthings
Amazing day
2013 witnessed Saskatoon’s First Tweed Ride, and what a grand event it was! Over 150 locals and visitors attended the ride with many more joining throughout the tour.  The Bessborough Gardens hosted the finale, where riders laid out picnic blankets; children played games, and prizes were won. The historic Bessborough provided a scenic backdrop for this 1900’s bicycle ride, and put Saskatoon on the Tweed Map.



Thank you to our 2014 Partners.


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How to Tweed

The His and Her's Guide to the Saskatoon Tweed Ride

Below are some photos taken from public domain to give you an example of what other tweed riders are wearing and how!

Prize categories for 2014 SaskaTweed


Most Distinguished Chap
Most Lovely Lady
Most Magnificent Bike
Charming Lass
Most Dashing Lad
Top Notch Tea Cup
Family of Distinction
Awe Inspiring Moustache
Most Pleasant Pet


Thank you to all of our sponsors for participating in this years Tweed Ride and making it such a success!!

One YogaBroadway TheaterBetter off DudsRiversdale Deli

Ethos Salon & Barber

Ethos Salon & Barber

Moustache & Beard Station

Ethos will be back again this year with their famous moustache and beard trimming station! Stop by and get a tim and see what Ethos is all about!

The Better Good & Tamarack

The Better Good & Tamarack

Games Tent

Tug of War, Tea Cup and Saucer race, Coffee Sack Race or Tire Race; Step right up and play! Stop by The Better Goods & Tamarack General store tent for lots of cool things.

The Bike Doctor

The Bike Doctor

Bike Tent

Pop by the Bike Doctor tent filled with beautiful bikes and amazing accessories!! If you couldn’t find your perfect basket, maybe Bike Doctor has something for you!! Don’t forget to check out their SURPRISE table!

Little Bird Patisserie

Little Bird Patisserie

High Tea

Don’t forget to bring your tea cup and enjoy amazing tea from Little Bird. The Little Bird Tent will also be sponsoring this year’s prize for Top Notch Tea Cup. Bring your best!!

Hidden Stitch

Hidden Stitch

Photo Booth

Get some memorable photos take at the Hidden Stitch PhotoBooth. There will be tones of vintage props and stylish cloths, perfect for those old timey photos!!

City Perks Coffee

City Perks Coffee

Cafe Stop

This year’s Cafe Stop will be City Perks Coffee! They are planning some fantastic things for us this year! Lots of yummy treats to purchase for your picnic!


To learn more about this years Tweed Ride or about how you can get involved, contact us!



Saskatoon Tweed Ride 2014 is a free event, run by volunteers. 

Please show your support to Saskatoon Tweed Ride and Saskatoon Cycles to see more fun and safe cycling events in the future!

Contact us to learn more about how you can join or help the Tweed Ride.

Saskatoon Tweed Ride

Saskatoon, Sask

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